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Sunday, June 01, 2008

April 17, Rehearsal Dinner

After the rehearsal, we went to a nice Mexican restaurant in Azle (in the middle of a huge Texas thunderstorm). Here are the boys being boys.

Duane and I enjoying the evening.

Alesha gave her bridesmaids matching necklaces and earrings to wear with their bridesmaid dresses. This bridesmaid is Leah, the M.K. from Gambia who traveled down to TX with us.

Erika opening her gift from Alesha. The lady to Erika's left is Nathan's mom, Daphne, and the guy to Erika's right is Nathan's sister's boyfriend.

And, I wanted everyone to see how good my meal was--chimichanga, rice, refried beans.

At the end, I presented Alesha with the Bible that was carried by my mother, Betty, in her wedding over 50 years ago, and was carried by myself in my wedding 24 years ago. Alesha was the third generation to carry this Bible down the aisle. I read to her an inscription I had written in front of the Bible. Nathan was given his grandfather's pocket watch (maybe it was his great-grandfather's) to carry in the wedding and begin as a tradition for the boys of their family.

Alesha and Nathan looking forward to the following day!



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