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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Last Fling Before School

We made our annual pilgrimage to Six Flags Darien Lake the week before school started. It was a drizzly cool day, but that just meant the lines were really short! You can see in this picture how nasty the weather was. By the way, I won the two tickets at a summer employee party where I work for answering questions correctly about American history!

And here we are at Darien Lake after a rather long circuitous trip due to our lack of a decent map and a detour. We told Ethan we were just waiting for the weather to improve!

We took Jeremiah's cousin, Ethan, with us because it's so much more fun at an amusement park to have someone to do things with. I did ride quite a few rides with them, but Duane isn't into rides!

I'm on here with the kids. I can't remember if this is the Twister or the Mind Eraser, or what. Must has erased my mind whichever it was!
It's not really that bad. There are a few of the coasters that I won't ride.

Bumper cars are of course fun for everyone, and an event that Duane enjoys. The fun of this one is hampered slightly due to the fact that they only let you go in one direction.


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