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Friday, July 21, 2006

Erika's Graduation, Part 8: Party Pics cont.

So many friends and relatives came. Archie and Colleen, and Arlene and John (photo to the left).

Below, friends of Alesha's (and ours too), from Alfred. Jake on left, then Alesha, Jim sitting in back, and Donna in front of Jim.

Grandpa is rarely seen in a picture without a camera to his eye. We are anxiously awaiting his purchase of a digital camera so he can add to his blog spot.

Erika with Laura Beth (you saw her parents
John and Arlene above, and one of her brothers, Peter, in a previous CAP post).

My sister Nancy and my mom.

There are so many wonderful pictures. We had 89 people visit, as far as I can tell from photo groupings, and I can't show you everyone! We had people from church, from CAP, from school, from our previous church in Jamestown, relatives, and neighbors, but this last photo was the biggest shock of them all. Ruth and Jean are part of our missionary family in The Gambia. I knew Ruth was in the U.S., but wasn't sure if she was in NY at the time, and I had no idea Jean (pictured to the right) was in the U.S. My jaw hit the floor. I was absolutely speechless. It was so wonderful to have Ruth and Jean be able to come. I'm sorry that I didn't have more time to just sit and visit with any one person. In trying to talk to everyone, you end up feeling like you have talked to no one! Thank you to everyone who came and made the party so special.


Blogger Hannatu said...

It's a lot like a wedding. We had U. Jerry take lots of pictures of the reception because afterwards you wonder who all was really there!

Friday, July 21, 2006 7:52:00 PM  

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