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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cattaraugus County Fair

The next big event of the summer was the Cattaraugus County Fair. I only remember attending a fair once when I was growing up, but Duane lived at the fair (literally)! He worked on his neighbors farm and when they took cows to the fair, he went with them. The kids slept right there in the cow barn at night. So, I have learned to enjoy the fair more as I have learned to see it through his eyes, and as my children have had opportunity to participate in it. In the past they have entered crafts, but this year they both worked. Duane also worked at the fair a couple of nights. I only went to the fair one night when I was off work. A county fair truly has a culture of its own, and it hard to explain if you are not pretty involved with a local fair. And of course there are certain things that you look forward to doing there every year. For me, my favorite is sausage on a bun covered with fried peppers and onions, and a red candied apple. Other family favorites are fried dough, chocolate milkshakes, and well, just about anything I guess. There are shows that return every year that are favorites, too, such as a Christian family that does puppet shows, a mini circus with ligers (a lion/tiger mix), the demolition derby, the tractor pull, monster trucks, and so on. But mostly it's about the animals, and I really enjoy the craft barns as well.

Jeremiah's job was to sit and watch all the cow judging and if a cow went to the bathroom in the ring he had to run right out with the shovel and clean up the cow pie. One guy told him to put sanitation engineer on his resume. It pays well and is good wholesome work for a kid! He also worked some on picking up trash around the grounds.

Erika's job was to hand out ribbons and trophies at the horse shows.

Well, for some reason I can't post any more pictures on here so will start a new post.


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