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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mosaic Puzzle

This is a puzzle that Erika and I just finished. It is a photo mosaic puzzle. We've had it out for quite a few weeks, putting in a piece every now and then as we walk by. It was very difficult! In the first picture, you can see it turned out to be a cute kitten.

But, if you look closer (sorry the photo is dark--with flash on it just reflected off the puzzle) you can see that each piece contains sections of tiny photographs. When you look closely at this picture, you can see polar bears (top left), airplanes (middle left), a bird (lower left), and so on.
It was very challenging and a lot of fun.
Update on family: Alesha's car died and right now they are trying to get to 2 different jobs with 1 car that doesn't start well.
Erika is working full time at the Salamanca physical therapy office location for the same company I work for in Ellicottville. She is working as a physical therapy aide and likes it very much (I think!). She also works at Burger King usually for 5 hours on Wednesday night, and 5 or more hours on Friday night, and several hours on Saturday. That doesn't leave her much free time.
Jeremiah is working for a Christian man in our church who does construction/remodeling kind of work. He works on an "as needed" basis, and so far has been getting a good amount of work. He hasn't worked much at McDonalds. He spends every spare moment doing various sorts of entertainment.
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Drywalling Erika's room

For those who are interested, here is the progress upstairs on what will be Erika's room. These little cubbies are over the stairwell going downstairs. Picture a couple of shelves in them for plastic bins to slide into for storage. The little triangle spaces at the bottom can hold a rolled up blanket or something. Duane says it's almost impossible to do the mudding in there. They are deeper than they appear, because that's the whole width of the stairwell. To the right (behind the ladder) is the closet, which is the old landing that led into the big room (previously the girls' room, now Jeremiah's room). Are you confused yet? This room that will be Erika's room used to be the bathroom. We gained a few extra feet of space from the hallway/walkway.

Here is Duane doing some mudding, and you can see the closet door behind him. He wears tennis elbow braces on both arms because he has tennis elbow in both arms and all this work on the house keeps it flared up all the time.
This is the opposite side of the room. The room has one window and some cute ceiling angles that will give it character. By the way, several of you will probably think that's me in the photo, but it's Erika. If I didn't know it was her shirt, I probably couldn't tell! So, first coat of mudding is done, 2 to go, then paint, trim, and carpet. It all moves along slowly, and Duane puts in a few hours every night. He is trying to do some work outside on the days it's not raining.
Meanwhile, I am packing up books, getting rid of books, and sorting through files and throwing away stuff in the "office" because that has to emptied out to become the master bathroom. I'll help paint when the drywall work is done, but for now I can do this job. I'm also working a little at a time on my ABWE application which has lots and lots of parts and is very long. I just finished the theological exam part last night.Posted by Picasa