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Monday, October 09, 2006

Erika's Room, continued

Here is the nightstand with Eeyore standing watch over a good friend.

In this room we are actually turning counter clockwise around the room.

Next is the bookcase. By the way, she collects wind instruments, thimbles, rocks, and shoes.

On the top of the dresser are her souvenirs from Switzerland. On the top shelf is the flute angel which she got from her Aunt Peggy for graduation. Behind the angel, which you really can't see well, is a figurine on snowshoes from her Aunt Alesia, because she loves to snowshoe.

The other shelves contain a mini cedar chest, which is a promise from dad to make one when she marries, a leather chest which Alesha brought her from Niger, a snow globe from Aunt Jeanette, and more rocks!

Jeremiah said when we were setting up her room, "There's no point in collecting something if you're not going to display it." Point well taken...so we displayed all of her beautiful rocks.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Erika's room

Erika's is now in Jeremiah's old room, which although small will give her a space of her very own.

First, Jeremiah hung her name sign on the door. Alesha made this for her one year in Africa. It represents some of the things she likes to do (reading and sewing/crafts).

Of course, the disadvantage of this room is that is doesn't have a closet, so dad mounted a pole in the hallway for the clothes. We put a dresser there as well that holds the towels/washclothes for upstairs, and the rest of the drawers hold some of both of the girls' extra stuff. The games/puzzles are stacked on top.

On the wall to the right, above the side of the bed is Erika's thimble collection. Duane made the "E" thimble holder for her one year for Christmas.

At the head of the bed is her flute collection. She has her regular flute and her fife at college, however. The drawstring bag holds her double Navajo flute. For more pictures of her flutes, you can go to her blog spot, Nepo's Mulling.

This shows the head of the bed. Everything is white eyelet/embroidery.

Jeremiah's Room, continued

Here is the next wall over, which has two windows.

Inbetween the windows is his Civil Air Patrol section. The empty spot is for his Mitchell, which he hope to have by the end of December.

You can't see the models and key chains too well, but there are alot of them! He has curtains, but they're down to be hemmed because we turned the heat on and they dragged on the heater.

And here we have the model airplanes and a few more energy drink cans.

Above his bed he has yet more models and keychains, plus the quarter collection his grandparents got him started on.

And the last picture in this sequence is his bed. He put both twin beds together. So hope you all enjoy knowing what his room looks like while it's neat!

Switching rooms

After both girls left, it didn't seem right to have the biggest room sitting empty most of the year, so we decided to let Jeremiah move in to that room. It was a huge job switching things around from room to room, but resulted in alot of cleaning and sorting! Here are some pictures of how Jeremiah has used his space.

As you step into the door, this is a large empty wall to your left, which he has decorated with vinyls and CDs. He carefully picked old records that he thought were interesting and of music he had heard of. What started this idea is the Ray Charles record he brought home from his missions trip to Louisiana to help clean up after Katrina.

Moving clockwise around the room, you have a wall with two closets. On the outside of both closets, he has hung his caps. In this closet he has his clothes. Between the two closets is a shelf that contains part of his collections: he collects model cars, energy drink cans, and keychains.

Other interesting items he has collected shown here are a WWII helmet, and an old state forest sign, plus a snow globe from Aunt Jeanette.

In the next closet over is housed his dresser, and all of Alesha's belongs neatly boxed up awaiting her use. Whenever she is home she'll have the new downstairs bedroom for her use. At least that's the current plan.

Well, my next picture didn't post, so it must be time to start a new post. I know most of you don't care about this (not that I have many readers anyway), but this is mostly for the girls to know what's up at the old homestead.