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Monday, September 03, 2007

Day 5-Lunch at Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita ranks up near the top of the coolest, most fun restaurants I've ever been to (and most of them near the top were all in Denver)! This used to be a department store, which you have a hard time imagining once you're inside. But first, some views of the outside...

My mom, dad, and sister outside of Casa Bonita--reliving the past!

Looking over the menus to order our meal...

Here is one of many life-like scenes in the restaurant.

Although probably not the best Mexican food, it is still really good, and the atmosphere more than makes up for it.

These are the best part of the whole meal. They are called sopapillas. You can drizzle them with honey and they are so delicious. You can have all you can eat. Jeremiah liked these so much that this year he made some and took in to his Spanish class. They turned out really well.

While you eat, there are little performances going on. They are geared for children, but we always really enjoy them too (guess some of us never grow up). Our favorite are the divers, and they had a really good one this time. We couldn't get any pictures of the dives. There are also singers that walk around and will sing to you, but they weren't there at lunch time.

Instead of one big dining room with a lot of tables, there are little alcoves tucked here and there, all at different levels, with only one or two tables. Every little area is decorated uniquely. I love walking around the whole restaurant looking at each area--there is a bat cave, a gold mine, and so many other areas. See the red flag on the table? When you need more of anything, you raise the red flag on the pole and your waitress comes right over to see what you need!


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