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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Arriving in Westcliffe

After lunch at Casa Bonita, we headed southwest toward Westcliffe.
This is Castle Rock. I didn't take a lot of scenery pictures because we took a lot last year when we went to Westcliffe. But it is a really beautiful trip!

And here we finally arrive in Westcliffe. We drove around and I showed mom, dad, and Nancy the points of interest from our previous visit there, since they would be leaving early the next morning to continue their trip to CA (leaving me behind to visit Alesha). After Westcliffe we still had a bit of a drive out to the Ranch of Hope.

This is the Ranch of Hope. It is so beautiful, refreshing, restful, peaceful. I wish you could all go there! Actually, I'd never seen the house from this view, because you drive in from behind. One day Alesha was driving me somewhere and I said, "Wow, that is the most beautiful house in the valley!" Alesha burst out laughing and I said, "What's so funny?" "That's OUR house," she said! God really blessed beyond measure in giving Ranch of Hope such a wonderful place to be used in restoring people's lives.

Now imagine yourself standing on the deck of the house, and this is the view. This was actually early the next morning (about 6:15) when the rising sun hits the mountain tops turning them red. We missed the time when they are really really red. They were just a little pink. But that is why they are called the Sangre de Christos (Blood of Christ), and what better place for a counseling center to be located, with a constant visual reminder that the blood of Christ covers our sins and gives us forgiveness.

This is the view a little more to the viewer's left, away from the mountain range. You can also see down into the yard. The walled in area of yard is fairly small, but very attractive. I won't post all the pictures, but there is a little fountain/pool area, a couple of flower garden areas, and a cactus garden. There is also a hot tub, which we enjoyed under the stars, singing hymns and choruses. What better place to sing, "This is my Father's World..."

This was my bedroom during my visit. It had just been redecorated, and like most of the house had a western/cowboy theme. Hope is a great decorator and made the bedspreads/pillows herself. This is actually a family/guest suite, with a smaller bedroom off to the side and a bathroom.
Well, it is bedtime, so more to follow.


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