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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ranch of Hope

Here is more of the beautiful Ranch of Hope where Alesha is on staff. This is the living room part of the lower level of the house. This is standing in my bedroom door looking across at Alesha's bedroom door on the other end.

This is the upstairs level showing the dining area and looking out to the side deck.

This is the kitchen. It is probably difficult to see in this picture, but all of the cabinets are bordered with cut stone. Hope has done a beautiful job with her stone work various places in the house.

I love this mural that an artist painted on the living room wall of the Ranch. It shows the hands of God at the top left pouring out the water that is coming down the falls.

I loved just walking around the house, looking at every nook and cranny. What a knack for decorating!

Here is Alesha doing her office work at the dining room table while I was mending some clothes for her. She has an office in the sitting room area of her bedroom suite downstairs, but was keeping me company.


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